How to do an EB Licence

 Note: if you already have a B Code licence you will have to re-do your learners and drivers licence Competency Tests as well as demonstrate the ability to tow a trailer or caravan.

Tip: Use a trailer, it is a lot easier to do the test with than a caravan. It is also easier to hire for practicing and doing the actual test with.

Steps to take.

  1. Get a learners licence application form (LL1) from the Traffic Department
  2. Apply for Code 2 (EB) light motor vehicle licence
  3. Obtain and study the K53 Drivers Handbook
  4. Do the written test and obtain your learners licence.
  5. Practice towing especially the yard test manoeuvres you will be asked to do. Tip: Use a driving instructor to assist you. The AA recommends using an instructor who is a member of SAIDI the Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors
  6. Apply for a drivers licence test date.
  7. Do the test and pass.

 Click on the buttons below for information on the Department of Transport’s K53 Practical driving test for motor vehicle drivers Volume 4 Light Motor Vehicle Combinations , Code EB licences.

 English - PART 1

English - PART 2


Afrikaans - DEEL 1

Afrikaans - DEEL 2

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